Class 60 locomotive

The Caledonian Railway 60 Class were passenger engines designed by William Pickersgill and introduced in A further twenty locomotives of a slightly modified design were built by the LMS under the auspices of George Hughes in the period - The 60 Class were rugged and free steaming, but were unsophisticated and of lethargic performance for their size. Although classified as passenger locomotives by the LMS, latterly they spent much of their time on goods trains and acquired the nickname Greybackseither in reference to their long and grimy boilers or possibly as an insult from former Glasgow and South Western Railway enginemen [1] 'greyback' being an old term for louse. Withdrawals began in but twenty three passed into British Railways ownership in The last locomotives were withdrawn from service inand all were scrapped. See box, top right.

Draco x shy reader

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